Rosetta Stone: Japanese Speaking Lesson

I'm currently using Rosetta Stone as a tool to learn Japanese. The weakest element of my Japanese language skill is speaking it. Thus, the speaking lessons included in Rosetta Stone is quite helpful and fun, albeit a little strange to practice in public. Here's an example of me practicing Japanese with Rosetta Stone's speaking lesson.

As you can see in the video, the lesson goes through basic words, handy phrases, as well as constructing your own sentences. It will first tell you how to say it in Japanese while showing you a relevant photo and writing it out in Japanese text (I have mine set to Japanese with Kanji and Furigana to help me read them). Then it allows you to give your best shot at speaking in Japanese. If you make a mistake, it will show you where, and allow you to say it again until you get it right. Finally it will say the phrase in Japanese one more time and then you're on the way to learning Japanese.

Even though I sometimes trip-up and make some mistakes (you can't drink a book), it's good to start thinking in Japanese and speaking as much as possible.

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