Visit a Shrine in Japan and Learn About Japanese Culture.

I recently watched video about visiting a shrine in Japan and the ritual traditions behind it and to me its quite fascinating. Without knowing I would probably walk in there aloof as always, yet the video describes the process of purification involved in visiting a shrine.

It is quite interesting and valuable to learn about the rituals of other cultures. We tend to take our own for granted because its such a common part of our life, yet when visiting a new place it brings on an appreciation of not only a new culture, but also your own.

A video by japanesepod101 about how to visit a shrine in japan.


In the City.

new vocabulary:
病院 - びょういん - byo.u.i.n (bi-yo-ein) - hospital
交番 - こうばん - ko.u.ba.n (koh-bon) - police station
郵便局 - ゆうびんきょく - yu.u.bi.n.kyo.ku (you-bean-key-oh-ku) - post office
銀行 - ぎんこう - gi.n.ko.u (geen-ko) - bank
スーパーマーケット - su.pa.ma.ke.tto. (su-pah-mah-ket-toe) - supermarket
店 - みせ - mi.se (me-say) - shop
図書館 - としょかん - to.sho.ka.n (toe-show-kahn) - library
薬局 - やっきょく - ya.kkyo.ku (yah-key-oh-ku) - pharmacy
パン屋 - ぱんや - pa.n.ya (pon-yah) - bakery
映画館 - えいがかん - e.i.ga.ka.n (eh-gah-kahn) - cinema

library is my 好き (favorite) word. partly because i love libraries and reading books but also because how pictographic the kanji for it is. the middle character just looks like a big stack of books, how easy to remember.

japanesepod101 - from the lesson video vocab - in the city

What's Your Name?

new vocabulary
名前 - なまえ - na.ma.e (na-my) - name

new phrases:
kanji: 私の名前はライアンです。
hiragana: わたしのなまえはライアンです。
romaji: watashi no namae wa raian (Ryan) desu.
english: my name is Ryan.

kanji: 貴方の名前は何ですか?
hiragana: あなたのなまえはなんですか?
romaji: anata no namae wa nan desu ka?
english: what is your name?




hello everyone.
my name is ryan.
what is your name

from one minute japanese - lesson 6 - what's your name?


What's your hobby?

A new phrase today. One that will help me get to know people and experience new things.

anata no shumi wa nan desu ka?
What's your hobby?

gurafikku dezain desu.
Graphic Design.

or in a complete sentence:
watashi no shumi wa gurafikku dezain desu.
My hobby is Graphic Design.

I wouldn't call it a hobby exactly. It is more like a passion. It is really all I do, all day. I go to school and design, I write essays about design, I read about design, and if I have time left over I do design for fun. I am also learning japanese so that I can practice design in japan.





What is your hobby?

My hobby is graphic design.
I practice everyday.

from Talk Sushi - Japanese Phrases - Hobbies.


Wired in Japan is Here.





I'm here.

Hello everyone.
My name is Ryan.
I understand a little japanese, so I will try my best.
I understand hiragana and katakana, but I don't understand kanji, yet.

Thank you very much for your help.